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Maintaining a Company Network and IT System

Once the system is installed, up and running, It can’t just be left alone. Ongoing maintenance of all aspects of the IT system is essential. Even the best systems break down from time to time. And Murphy’s Law says “If it can happen it will, and at the worst possible time.” A company with DG ROM CO managing its IT system will always have someone to call who will respond quickly and efficiently with the sense of urgency our customers require.

Managing Network Security

Today’s cyber world is a jungle full of predators. An IT system connected to the internet is prey to unscrupulous hackers whether for gain or mischief. Our firm has the specialists to see to it that the risk of attack from outside is minimized. We install the necessary protection and educate our customers about what to do (or not to do) to maximize protection.

Managing E-mail

With all the talk these days about hacked email servers and the possible liability of confidential material getting out, establishing an effective and secure email system is a must. At DG ROM CO, we know what has to be done to secure an email system.

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