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NEWARK MANAGED COMPUTER SERVICES is a company specializing in all aspects of a company’s IT operation. We provide technical support to companies in Newark, NJ and the surrounding area. It’s common knowledge that a company today can’t function well and profitably without a smoothly operating computer installation. The necessity for computer use pervades every aspect of a company operation.  But selecting and installing such a system, upgrading a system, supporting a system and the personnel who avail themselves of it is critical to a company’s operation. And computer systems go down. Murphy’s Law says that “if it can happen, it will – and at the worst possible time.” Prompt expert support is essential because a company can’t sustain its IT operation down for any length of time. That’s where we come in. We see to it that your system works well and down time is brought to an absolute minimum. We get your system up and running fast. That’s our business.

There are many ways NEWARK MANAGED COMPUTER SERVICES can support a company’s IT function. Depending on a company’s needs, the services we provide run the gamut from providing basic telephone support for individual computer users up to and including staffing and managing an entire IT installation. Included in this spectrum is risk analysis, assessment and prevention. These services can essentially remove the IT problem from you and put it our back. The savings in money, time and aggravation can be enormous by employing NEWARK MANAGED COMPUTER SERVICES at whatever level you choose.


There are three principal areas that define the services we provide:

We are your go-to people when you need help

We advise on equipment selection, IT decisions and  assessment of risk

This is the broad term for an off-site resource for data storage and processing

All Services

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Our team consists of knowledgeable and experienced IT Experts who will give you effective IT Solutions. We will help leverage your system – increasing productivity and allowing you to focus more on running your business efficiently.

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