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The essence of security is managing risks.  The only absolutely secure computer is one that is turned off, disconnected from the internet and locked up in an uncrackable safe. Even if possible, it’s pretty hard to work that way. What has to be known by a company is what are the threats, how to minimize them and how much will it cost. When an assessment it done, it requires careful analysis of the risks and establishing a clear plan to move forward.  We at NEWARK MANAGED COMPUTER SERVICES know what to do and how to do it.

Good risk assessment requires that a company evaluate its assets and determine what it would mean if any of them were lost or stolen. Then and only then can a plan be developed that can answer the questions of what is in place now, what do we have to add, who do we have to train and how much is it going to cost. With this information, a plan can be created to minimize the risk of loss of the company’s digital assets. Risk analysis should be done periodically as part of a company’s management routine. If a new system is being proposed and planned, risk management should be an integral part of the process and be included as part of the plan.  At NEWARK MANAGED COMPUTER SERVICES, we have the expertise to develop what’s needed.

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