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What are Managed I.T. Services

Managed IT services have been a feature of Information Technology right from the beginning of the modern computer industry. It means that instead of taking on the large and expensive burden of hiring and training an in-house staff to manage the IT department, the choice is made to engage another company, a specialized company, to do it.

When managing a customer’s installation is done well,  as NEWARK MANAGED COMPUTER SERVICES does, it results in enormous benefits. The complete burden of the IT responsibility is removed. All the details of managing, the personnel, the hardware, the software, the communications system, the internet are all removed. Besides the expense, there’s also the aggravation that’s relegated to the IT manager.  Keeping up to date with the technology, the hardware upgrades, the software upgrades, employee turnover, continuity of support is more effective and much more economical than for a company to do it themselves.

But why use an outside firm such as NEWARK MANAGED COMPUTER SERVICES to manage I.T. services?

Think about it. There’s no magic. It costs the customer less because there’s an economy of size. A specialized management company like NEWARK MANAGED COMPUTER SERVICES spreads its hiring and employment costs, employee training and test equipment, among its customers. If a company does these things for itself, it has to absorb enormous unnecessary costs, not to mention the initial overhead. Technology today is incredibly broad and complicated. This frequently requires specialization in networks, specialization in software, specialization in hardware and so on. A specialist’s cost is very high and often hard to find and hard to keep. We spread this cost to all our  customers, resulting in dramatic savings.

Designing and Installing a Company Network:

This involves selecting the necessary hardware, the cabling and the software, and installing it all.  After which, everyone who avails themselves of the IT system has to be trained and needs ongoing assistance  with using the system to solve their particular problems. We’ve done it before and many times. The time and expense to get the job done for us is a fraction of what it would take our customers to do a first time.


What are the things typically covered by the services NEWARK MANAGED COMPUTER SERVICES provides?

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