What is IT Consulting?

In many situations, a company wishes to staff up and maintain their own IT department themselves. In that case, we provide our knowledge and help on a consulting basis. Any of the component services we would include when we set up to manage an IT installation, we can also provide to our clients on a consulting basis. We contribute our expertise and make ourselves available for ongoing assistance by phone or on-call.

NEWARK MANAGED COMPUTER SERVICES provides such consulting services.  This means we provide a fount of knowledge and expertise to help you make decisions. With our help and advice, decisions can be made with confidence. We provide training which becomes more demanding each day. New software, new hardware, new problems arise every day and keeping up with it is demanding. We at NEWARK MANAGED COMPUTER SERVICES  can develop courses, develop training videos and do what is necessary to help employees master the tools they need to do their job. Another service we provide is help with risk, advice about risk and what to do about it. We call it risk management.


A company is continually facing upgrade questions, both hardware and software. A company wants to know what hardware to buy, what software to buy, whether it’s wise to upgrade of not,  or to answer the “make or buy” question. Should software be developed in-house or purchased. We can do the research and provide a voice that can participate in the discussion and furnish the expertise that a company doesn’t have in-house.  We obviously don’t make the decisions but we can provide the necessary information and suggestions so that decisions can be made with a minimum of delay and with confidence. Our good advice is our best advertisement. We take our responsibility very seriously.


Since the beginning of the computer age, training has been vital to the industry’s growth. And while it’s true that many employees have become well versed in the ins and outs of computers and network use, the technological advances make it a full-time job for us to keep up with them. Keeping employees properly trained is a challenge. It must be relevant, effective and timely. We develop courses to train your employees. We can develop videos. We can provide trainers. We can even train your trainers so that you can do the job yourself.  We can do it on-site or we can arrange a course at one of our venues for your employees to attend. Training can also tell employees what to do or what not to do to avoid problems. Which brings us to our next topic, risk assessment.

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