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The cloud is a name that has been given to a group of companies providing data storage and processing off-site for a business. It’s somewhat ironic that with the development of personal computers, we, in the IT world, succeeded in distributing the processing power of a central computer to the employee’s desk. Following that, ¬†we started connecting the computers together into a network and then added a server to reabsorb part of the processing task an it took us on our way back to a central computer. With the evolution of the cloud, more and more data storage and processing is being provided from a central location to businesses everywhere. This was made possible because of the internet and wireless processing of data. Companies that make up the cloud specialize in security of data. This means you are putting your eggs in one basket and there are experts watching that basket. So the question becomes, should a business use the cloud, for what functions, and which cloud company.

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