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Professional IT Support, IT Consulting, and Cloud Services

IT Services

At DG ROM CO we break our services into three areas. We do this for convenience in presenting ourselves to you. In reality, many of these services overlap and are not discreetly separated.

IT Support includes everything from helping and training the Mac user with the computer on his/her desk and managing a company’s  IT communications network and its relationship to the internet. And at the top, completely managing a company’s IT operation, in essence providing and managing a turn-key computer department.

IT Consulting is where we help you decide what to do. We provide an expert voice in the discussion and the decisions that have to be made about your IT installation.  It includes analyzing and assessing risk. Risk assessment is a critical item these days where hacking and data loss are running rampant. With the internet, there can be an unforeseen liability which we can help you minimize and/or avoid.

The Cloud. This is the mysterious euphemism which has been given to a simple concept. There are several major providers of off-site data storage, data processing and backup. The term used  is the cloud. Availing yourselves of this resource is something that has to be considered carefully.

We take on the job of staffing, building, and managing an entire IT Department.

We foresee problems with a periodic maintenance in order to minimize the frequency of system breakdowns that can affect your businesses’ productivity

We will keep your network safe and secure. We keep hackers away from stealing important data and insert malware that can destroy your system.

Instead of wasting your time with computer problems, have an experienced professional do it for you – focus on what’s more important, running your business!

We will offer you a fount of our knowledge and expertise to help you make a decision and create a safer and more productive workplace.

We conduct a careful and detailed analysis of risks to come up with an effective plan and bring the risks to a reasonable level.

We install reliable cloud applications for added data storage and processing.

Besides cloud, we are also experienced in installing Microsoft 365 for businesses quickly.

Keep your line of communication within the business, safe and secure.

Have an unlimited space for your data, long-term accessibility anywhere, and confidence that it is well protected.

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